Get Talent

Do you need to incorporate TALENT but don't have the necessary time?
 Would you like to stop recruiting and invest that time in the areas that make your business thrive?

If the answer is “YES”, in “Dotgainen for Business” you can find the solution.


Each company is a complex world full of peculiarities that make it unique and special. Therefore, at Dotgainen our mission is to ensure that each company has a specific “TALENT” adapted to its culture and values.

With Dotgainen you get

1.- Through a close and personalized consulting process to perfectly capture the type of profile you need.

2.- Once your needs have been identified, we design a tailored selection process.

3.- We take care of the publication of your Job Offers on the best work platforms.

4.- We use the newest social networks and we also knock directly on the door of Talent. Do you want to know how? We will explain it to you later.

5.- We accompany you throughout the entire process: we monitor during all recruitment phases thanks to our advanced tools adapted to the technology sector, including a specific ATS and an extensive database of technology candidates.

6.- We present the final candidates with information that goes far beyond a simple CV.

7.- We select the ideal candidate with you: we provide our professional opinion so that your choice is as accurate as possible.


At Dotgainen we are aware that for a company to be successful and last over time, it has to be staffed with good professionals, because what would a company be without a good TEAM of people to support it?

To do this we want to go one step further in the following way:

  • We personalize the process from the first consultation to the hiring of the candidate.

  • Exhaustive analysis of the candidate. “Personality can condition our professional career.” 

  • Monitoring and “Feedback” throughout the process, without limits on consultancies. 

  • Transparency. Access to the “Client Web Area” to see all the information of the candidates presented. 

  • Sincerity. We only work with those profiles that we know in depth. 

  • Puntuality. We comply with the established deadlines. 

  • Nonconformists. “If the talent doesn’t come to us, we go to the talent.” At DotGainen we are not satisfied with a publication, but rather we actively search for the ideal profile. 

  • Tips for Onboarding that helps the candidate feel valued from day one. 

  • Tips for your Employer Branding: you not only have to find the ideal candidate, but also be the type of company to which every profile wants to belong.


At Dotgainen we have been digitally transforming leading organizations in all sectors of activity for more than 15 years, thanks to OUR TEAM made up of highly qualified IT architects and business engineers with a long career.

​How have we achieved it? Recruiting ourselves: “from engineers to engineers”. For this reason, at Dotgainen we have experience in finding those profiles in the sector that best suit your company.

Who are our clients?

Those companies from any sector that seek to incorporate IT TALENT, although we can also help you with others such as: administrative, accounting, human resources, etc.

What type of profiles are we looking for?

– Network engineers

– System administrators

– Security specialists

As you know, at Dotgainen we created our team from SCRATCH, therefore we can also help you with other EQUAL key profiles within a company such as:

– Administrative
– Accountants
– Ecommerce
– HR

If you are interested contact us!